How to test suitable skin?

It is best to use a skin test for the first time to confirm that there is no reaction before using.


What grade of laser is used for the first time?

For the first time, you should try from the lowest gear and then gradually increase the position. It is not possible to use the 4.5 file directly, which may cause discomfort.


How to use the product correctly?

The hair removal device will only flash after 90 degrees vertical contact with the skin after normal start-up. Do not press the launch button against the air.


About the flash problem?

If the light of the epilator is on but the head is not flashing, remove the lamp and wipe it with a cotton cloth before reinstalling.


What should I do if the product does not boot?

If the epilator does not illuminate, there may be a problem with the adapter. You can use the laptop power supply to connect to the epilator to see if it can be turned on normally.


How to restart the machine?

Press and hold the emission button of the epilator for more than 5 seconds, then connect the plug of the power supply to the epilator. If the epilator lamp is fully lit, it indicates that the restart is successful and can be used normally.


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